Tuttle Creek and Big Pine


The plan for this trip was a one night camping trip in the Eastern Sierra with a hike up North Fork for some scenery.

Trip Details:

Date Range – March 18-19
Campground – Tuttle Creek
Distance – 218 miles
Closest Town – Lone Pine, CA

I was staying at Tuttle Creek for the second time in three months, only a few sites away from where I slept in January. There were a few more people here this time, but the campground was still mainly empty. We set up camp and drive north to find a scenic hike to finish up the day.

I decided that the North Fork trail up Big Pine Creek was a great way to introduce someone to the Sierra Nevada. Unfortunately, all the campgrounds near Glacier Lodge were closed for the winter so we stayed back in Tuttle Creek. Along the trail, we saw only two other groups of hikers making for a combined three people and two dogs. This was my third time hiking the North Fork of Big Pine Creek, but the first time I had seen snow there. Once we made it past the Lon Chaney Cabin the trail was covered in snow and quickly became too dangerous to continue on without the proper equipment. Satisfied with our progress, we turned around and headed back to the trailhead.

Big Pine Creek near first falls

This was a fun trip getting to show one my friends from back home around the mountains that I visit so often. Mosquitos were nonexistent at Tuttle Creek in January but springtime brought them to life again. The sunrise was beautiful but almost ruined by pesky mosquitos that seemed to duplicate by the minute.

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